What is Samurai Massage?

The bamboo brooms and bamboo sticks were used by samurais who applied this massage technique for a quick and effective recuperation after the battle.
Similar methods of rejuvenation were used by shamans of South Africa and North America.

Samurai Massage Bamboo Broom

Bamboo Brooms
For centuries they were used by different cultures for a full body conditioning and detoxification.

Today we also can tap into the pool of ancient health secrets.

Unique Gift Idea!
Bamboo broom is a perfect eco-friendly massage gadget.
Elegant red velvet bag makes it a luxurious present.

This year give to people you love and care a Perfect Gift of Health and Relaxation!

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Bamboo Broom- Massage

Bamboo Broom Massage Video:

"Vibro-Acoustic massage with bamboo brooms" performed by world-class master V. Oguy at "World Class Fitness Marathon" in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia on April 24, 2010.

Bamboo Broom Massage Benefits:

  • eases muscle tension
  • improves blood circulation
  • improves skin elasticity
  • stimulates acupressure points
  • releases muscle spasms
  • relaxes a psycho-emotional overload
  • melts away daily stress

How To Use Bamboo Broom

The form of the massaging broom and bamboo's natural elasticity allows to perform various massaging techniques. Click here to learn more...

Bamboo broom is a perfect eco-friendly massage gadget. It allows to perform rhythmic shock-resonance massage that provides a stimulating effect to the entire body. Unique resonance effect of bamboo broom does not stop at the surface of the muscular layer - it travels through the entire body.

Bamboo Brooms may seem exotic, but their "magical" health benefits were known for centuries. You won't believe how good Samurai Massage feels!